Backpacks anti theft Barcelona

Barcelona anti-theft backpacks.

Urbanauta backpacks. Ideal backpack to move around your city safely. They are anti-theft and reversible. Available in various colors. Designed and produced in Barcelona. 90% of the materials are local, so we control that all manufacturing processes are carried out with social and environmental responsibility.

We make beautiful and practical backpacks with people and their comfort in mind. Barcelona is a perfect setting and a test bench to work on our products and improve designs by adapting to modern life. These are the best-selling anti-theft backpacks in Barcelona.

The Urbanauta U1 backpack is our top seller. The lightness of the fabric and its easy maintenance make it ideal for traveling. You can put it in your suitcase and it takes up very little space. You will be able to do tourism feeling that your belongings are safe.

Comfort is a remarkable feature. The width of its straps makes it comfortable even when carrying weight and its anatomical shape also helps it feel well adapted to the back.

The fabric is a resistant canvas, light and very easy to maintain. You can wash the backpack in the washing machine maximum at 40 degrees and it dries very easily. Inside you will find the composition label with the washing and maintenance instructions.

But it also has the virtue of being reversible. You can turn the backpack so that the zippers are on the outside if you are sitting in a safe place.

They are customizable. On our website you will find the personalized U model. Create your backpack with the combination of colors that you like the most.

We make it one by one especially for you and you will receive it within 10 days. This product does not allow changes or returns.

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