Our project

Urbanauta is the fruit of a friends reunion, Barbara and Beti, city dwellers from Barcelona, born and bred. We started designing theatre wardrobe together, then in 2013 after some years apart, we decided to work together again, inspired by a new idea!

We were both fed up with hugging our rucksacks to our chests for fear of being robbed. Has anyone thought of hiding the zips on the inside, touching our backs? Well, we’ve done it! At last, a pickpocket proof rucksack for city people looking for comfort and security.
One year later we have created the rucksack that ticks all of our boxes, it’s lightweight, strong and secure, just the right size, multipurpose and cool! /beautiful/stylish

Right from the beginning we knew we wanted a product that was 100% locally designed, sourced and manufactured. After many months research, which took us all around the country visiting textile factories, we found just what we were looking for! strong, water resistant fabrics in a beautiful, wearable range of colours.

Now we are more ‘Urbanitas’ than ever! We never leave the house without our secure, 100% Barcelona rucksacks.