We are a company that works with the conviction that any project must be responsible for the environment and people.

We are part of B Corp, a group of companies committed to tackling the world's problems.

At Urbanauta we work with the aim of generating a positive impact on society, which is why we collaborate with social and cultural entities in our city, weaving ties with our community and with whom we share values.
Ideas, models and customizations are born from our workshop in Gràcia, here we brainstorm ideas where we design how and test our creations.

Once we are clear about the designs, we take them to produce in local workshops, this allows us to meet the workers, make sure that they work in favorable conditions and have contact with who manufactures the product.

We like to meet all the people who help us make Urbanauta possible and have direct contact with all the suppliers.
Everything that is produced goes back to our headquarters in Gràcia, where we carry out quality control and prepare orders with great care.

At Urbanauta we always have an open door; we receive customers, delivery people and also carry out repairs.

We try to create durable and quality products, which is why we offer a 5-year guarantee for all our products as we are sure of the quality of the materials we work with.
We believe that the transport of goods is one of the biggest environmental problems, which is why 94% of the materials our backpacks are made of come from local suppliers.

In this way we reduce our carbon footprint since the materials do not travel more than 150 kilometers in a round trip.

On the other hand, we deliver parcels in the city of Barcelona with the sustainable transport company Les Mercedes, who make deliveries by bicycle or electric vehicle.